Peter Deunov (Master Beinsá Dunó)

Peter Deunov (Master Beinsá Dunó)

Peter Konstantinov Deunov (11 July 1864 – 27 December 1944) was a spiritual master and founder of a School of Esoteric Christianity. He is called Master Beinsá Dunó by his followers.

Peter Deunov was an amazing spiritual master who many called the World Teacher. Albert Eistein said, “The whole world bows down before me; I bow down before the Master Peter Deunov of Bulgaria.” During his lifetime, he had 10,000 students in Bulgaria but he is not well known in the world today because first the German Nazis and then the Russian Communists persecuted his followers and drove them underground. His followers had to bury all his writings to protect them. Now, after the fall of the Soviet Union, his teachings have resurfaced. Peter Deunov is said to have been a representative of the Great White Brotherhood, the Masters of Light that guide the spiritual evolution of humanity.

The various aspects in the Teaching of Master Beinsa Douno are set out and developed in about 7000 lectures of his, delivered and put down in shorthand in the period of 1900–1944. They were published in several multi-volume series: lectures before the General Class, lectures before the Special Class, Sunday lectures, Annual Meeting lectures, Morning lectures etc.

The main categories in his Teaching are: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue, understood as attributes of the historic, cosmic and mystic Christ. Love is a central macro- and micro-cosmic category, functioning in the various aspects of human existence as aspiration (in the emotional sphere or the heart), feeling (in the soul), power (in the ideal sphere of the ‘I’ or the mind) and principle (in the spirit). The so-called Great Universal Brotherhood is the fundamental cosmogonist view. It is described as an organism, consisting of advanced human souls (lodges of the Great Initiated and their disciples) and the nine hierarchies of super-sensitive beings (angels, archangels, principalities, powers, mights, dominions, thrones, cherubim and seraphim). According to Master Beinsa Douno, Christ is the supreme governor of the Great Universal Brotherhood.

The history of world culture is seen as projection of a cosmic rhythm, structured in global periods and sub-periods. The periods are as follows: Polar, Hyperborean, Lemurian, Atlantis, the Fifth, the Sixth and the Seventh Periods. The sub-periods of the current Fifth Period are also called cultural epochs: the epoch of the Cancer (Ancient-Indian), the Gemini (Ancient-Persian), Taurus (Ancient-Egyptan), Aries (Ancient Greece and Rome), Pisces (Western European), Aquarius (Slavonic) etc. Human consciousness manifests itself and develops through collective, individual, supreme collective and cosmic stages. According to Master Beinsa Douno humankind is entering the epoch of Aquarius from 1914 onwards, i.e. implementation of the evolutionary transition from the Fifth to the Sixth cultural epochs within the Fifth Period. During this period, according to Master Beinsa Douno the Indo-European race is a leader in an evolutionary aspect. The first steps into the supreme collective consciousness are being made during the current transition stage. One of its social forms was achieved through the supreme aspects of Love – life for the Whole. The extended collective consciousness, implementing the life of the Whole, is regarded as an attribute of the forthcoming Sixth (Slavonic) cultural epoch and of the future Sixth race stemming from it. According to Master Beinsa Douno, the Sixth race will manifest itself in the future Sixth big period and will implement the culture of Love to a much greater scope.

The psychological aspect of the human development according to Master Beinsa Douno is a consequential transformation through four cultural archetypes: “Old Testament”, “New Testament”, the “Righteous” and “Disciple”. The transition to the latter is understood as a totality of school methods, aimed at the transformation of the ideal-conceptual consciousness into imaginative and is designated by the term of “blossoming of the human soul”. According to Master Beinsa Douno disciples link their consciousness with Christ permanently, experience Him constantly in their mental, emotional and will-power spheres and learn permanently from what He performs within them. Thus the consciousness of disciple and his etheric body more specifically, is naturally perceived as object and subject of the so-called ‘Second Coming of Christ.

The main methods for spiritual work in the School of the Universal White Brotherhood are: prayer gatherings, musical and respiratory exercises, reading of the Word of Master Beinsa Douno, greeting the sunrise, outings in the mountains, life in brotherhood communities, annual meetings etc. The special methods are “The Testament of the Colour Rays of Light” and the “Paneurhythmy” dance. All the methods are considered practices for experiencing Christ through the wholeness of the human being and more precisely through the human etheric body.

Peter Deunov Quotations

“Your consciousness can travel at the speed of slow trains, it can travel at the speed of Light, and it can travel even faster. Hence, time and space are functions of consciousness. Consciousness is out of the scope of time and space…” (Youth Class, year 1, lecture 13, Contradictions in Life, 24 May 1922)

“Contemporary people still cannot imagine that Light is living. We live in a living Light, while the Light that physics discuss, represents the sub-consciousness of the living Light. The same phases can be found in the consciousness of Light like the phases in your consciousness – sub-consciousness, self-consciousness and super-consciousness.”  (Youth Class, year IV, lecture 25,Influence of the Inner Light, 12 April 1925)

“One can identify whether there are beings on the Sun by the light of the Solar spectrum. Above all, wherever there is intelligent life, Light comes in a special way… There is a difference in the spreading of the Sun rays coming out from a un-intelligent being [or non-living object] and those coming out from an intelligent being – the laws are different.” (Youth Class, year IV, lecture 15, The Tests of a Disciple. The Wheat Grain, 25 January 1925)

“People want to attribute a certain form to God, but I ask the question what form can you attribute to Light? Light itself creates forms. How does it create forms? As soon as it encounters an obstacle, it already creates a certain form. … Make the environment of your thoughts rarer or denser and they will immediately experience some refraction.” (Youth Class, year I, lecture 5, Old and New Lives, (29 March 1922)

“The first process, which is the beginning of will, is restricting. Without any restrictions the will cannot be manifested. Above all, the will presupposes a strictly determined movement in the consciousness, i.e. an inclination of consciousness” (Youth Class, year I, lecture 4, Characteristics and Manifestation of the Will, 15 March 1922)

“The more advanced the evolution of a certain form [of life] is, the more intelligent the atoms comprising it. In order to reach a higher stage of development, the atom has to pass through the four Kingdoms – the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the kingdom of human beings. …The more stable the atoms of given elements in the human organism are, the better characteristics they convey to human character.” (Youth Class, year V, lecture 13, Real Variables, 1 February 1926)

Predictions and Insights

“Christ Impulse will gradually penetrate into the human being and will take over guidance during the further development of the humankind. We are still in the beginning of all this now. In the future Christianity – but not the external, official, Christianity, but the mystic, Christianity – will become a world religion for the whole humankind. Christ will be placed in the center of the new culture. Remember, that Christ is a manifestation of the love of God. And He will come as an internal light in the minds and hearts of the people. This light will attract everybody around Christ as a great center. The opening of the human minds and hearts and the reception of Christ from within – this will be the second appearance of Christ on the Earth. He will preach mainly the great science of Love and the methods how to apply it. He will preach the Path of discipleship, brotherhood and serving. Because this is what the law of evolution requires nowadays.” (The Master, The Life of the Sixth Race, ISBN 954-744-050-0)

“Eight thousand adepts are coming into the world. Some will reincarnate, others will be incorporated.”

“We need to learn the great law that God is our Father, that we have to live like brothers, that no one has the right to kill and there can be no violence. This is what God wrote and we all have to live according to His law. If the contemporary European people do not accept Christ’s Teaching, in ten years there will be a war worse than any other war in human history… And I say, ‘Christ is coming! If people accept Love, war will be cancelled; if they do not accept it, there will be a war and then people will experience even greater suffering.’” (24 June 1923)

“There is no epoch in human history when Christ has worked like now. Now Christ is working harder than ever. Several centuries ago Christ was up there in the supreme worlds, and now He has descended lower, into the Astral and Ether Worlds, closer to the material world. Two great events will happen: first, the spirit of Christ will start implanting into human beings – of course, in the beginning it will start implanting into the prepared souls. When you experience a fine, unselfish feeling, when you are full of mercy, love, grace, this shows that the spirit of Christ has illuminated you and it has started working within you. Apostle Paul says as well, does not he, ‘It’s not me living, but Christ’s spirit implanted in me.’” (Master Beinsa Douno, The According of the Human Soul, compiled by Boyan Boev, Sofia, 2001).

“Christ will come, this is beyond doubt, and soon will He come… The Second Coming should not be understood to mean the end of the world, but the second coming of Christ.” (11 August 1911).

“Christ is working in the world, but the people do not see Him. They want to see Him as a human being; they want to touch Him, to physically sense Him. If He fills people’s hearts with beautiful, elevated feelings, what can you desire? …It’s wrong people to expect Christ to be born again as a baby. Christ was born and is being born in the hearts and souls of people. Christ cannot be born by a woman today. If you expect the coming of the Saviour, open your souls. He will be born there. Moreover, Christ is being born in many souls at the same time. When Christ is born in your soul, you will be useful both to yourself and to the people around you. This is Resurrection. This is what wakening of the human soul means. When Christ lives in the souls of people, everybody will be resurrected; everybody will rise and join hands as brothers.” (25 March 1923).

“After the war people will start talking about United European States and this idea will be implemented.” (1 May 1940).

“After a hundred years you will find Europe absolutely different. The borders will be abolished and other relations will be established among the nations and people.” (20 September 1935).

“The world today is facing punishment and liquidation; therefore you have to be awake.” (1939).

“An earthquake is coming to Europe, which will start from the north, will shake all of Europe, so that it will be remembered for thousands of years. The reason for this earthquake is explained too. The Old Testament reads, ‘Make sure your deeds and thoughts do not become too bad for the Earth to be able to endure them.”

“In the 22nd century the Kingdom of Christ will be established on the Earth.”

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